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By joining the team

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When you join the Flourishing Balance Team, you are choosing to join a tight-knit community of Wellness Warriors! Yes, you will 100% be your own CEO, but you will be surrounded and supported by other whole-hearted and hard-working women who are committed to making a difference. We earn for our families and futures while sharing our love of wellness!



You will receive top trainings and 1:1 mentorship. This includes step-by-step business training on how to launch and expand your influence online. You will gain access to weekly team calls for tips and resources that will inspire you to reach those goals!



Most of us do not have a business background when we start - no worries! 'Success leaves clues' and as part of our Team - you will get all of the resources we use. This includes trackers, checklists, marketing tools and business materials. By utilizing resources that deliver results, you will build a solid foundation and be able to earn while you learn how to grow your business.

Check out this video as we share our initial hesitations and fears, the unexpected blessings that coaching has brought and what advice we would give to our past selves knowing what we know now.

What  you might  not  expect about  COACHING

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