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What is a Wellness Warrior?

Wellness Warriors go above and beyond the call when it comes to supporting others in their wellness journeys! Sure it’s a combination of fitness and nutrition coaching, but wellness is all-encompassing- mind-body-soul. When you become a Wellness Warrior, it’s because you want to see others thrive! You want them to live their happiest and healthiest lives, but more than that, you want to see them grow in their work lives, their personal lives, and their community lives.


So...what’s a Wellness Warrior? It’s you my dear!

"Movement is a medicine for our

physical & mental states"

We offer 50+ programs in a variety of movement types: from yoga, to weight lifting, kickboxing, dance, cardio and even meditations! When it comes to weight loss, toning up, and building strength, it’s key to switch things up and have fun. With this membership, you will have access to an entire nutritional library on top of your workouts, and it’s all online so you could be home, traveling, or anywhere!

Virtual Gym

"You've got to nourish to flourish"

I offer 2 different nutritional approaches, together we will determine which fits best with your personality, lifestyle, and goals! It is important to nourish and empower yourself with food so my Intuitive Nutrition and Portion Control Approaches are centered on shifting your mindset. Each meal plan is structured to help you dial-in to your body so you can fuel it for peak performance!


"But wait, there's more"

With this Bundle you gain access to everything: our Virtual Gym, Nutrition Programs, the Flourishing Community, our private app, and you even get 30 days of the superfoods I swear by! I post daily inspirations and tips, weekly meal plans to bring flare and variety, and host fun community challenges each month. Partnered with your passion to launch a career in health & fitness, the support from our flourishing community, and the power to supercharge your wellness journey with our fitness and nutrition programs, this bundle makes your success hardly more than a button-click away!

Balance Bundle


• Free 14 day trial

• 3 months

• 6 months

• 12 months (best deal)

• Intuitive Nutrition Approach

• Portion Control Approach


• Basic Bundle (Virtual Gym + Nutrition Programs + Superfood)


• Results Bundle (Virtual Gym + Nutrition Programs, Superfood + Pre & Post-Workout Supplements)

How we do it 


Becoming a Wellness Warrior gets even better when you go through my Balance Bundle! It’s more than just fitness and nutrition plans, it’s daily, weekly, monthly support with fun community bonding and superfood freebies!

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The Flourishing Community is here to make sure you stay focused and get the

results you deserve

So what are you waiting for?

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