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Hey there!

Being active has always been an important part of my life. I love to surf, hike, yoga, wakeboard and anything that immerses me in the beauty of Mother Nature!


It was only a few years ago, I found myself in a rut. 

Real Talk: 

I was a small-town girl from Connecticut living abroad in Italy, stuck in a toxic relationship, and desperately looking for a way out of my situation.


I had become overweight, in debt, lacked confidence, and truly lost myself.


As a former college athlete and wellness professional, being active had always been a huge part of my life, contributing to a team and empowering others with their wellness ~ that is who I really am.


I had just lost the motivation to do it alone and needed to reclaim my sense of self.


At the time, I was looking for an at-home fitness option that would provide accountability and community.


I never expected that it would forever change my life.


As I moved back to Hawai'i, where I've called home for over a decade, I continued to cultivate a community of my own.  I am grateful and inspired by the amazing women, from all over this beautiful planet, whom I am journeying with and share the same, simple tools that changed my life.

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After I rebuilt my confidence, I turned my passions for health and fitness into a business!


As a former a personal trainer, middle school PE teacher and athletic coach, I got burnt out.


I so badly wanted to impact more people while having more free time to volunteer and sit on the board of two non-profits -Women’s Leadership & Adapted Surfing - that fuel me!


Now, I create my own schedule, am able to be of more service and help others near and far.


I love empowering busy women to nourish & flourish without breaking the bank or having to leave home.

My joy really flows when I mentor other wholehearted, hard working Wellness Warriors in building their own online business, so they too can make difference in the lives of others.


I'm committed to teaming up with women wanting the freedom and confidence to live the life they love by increasing their impact and income through their business!


There is more to life than the struggles we face.






Do you need help finding fitness and nutrition solutions tailored to you?

Are you always motivated to get started but have difficulty staying committed?

Does your mind-body-soul balance need a bit of


If you answered YES to any...

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